Wild One Organic Juice Lean & Green


Wild One

Organic Lean & Green Juice

Gluten/Dairy Free,/Vegan/Paleo

360ml Glass Bottle

12 x 360ml

Ingredients:  Organic Reconstituted Apple Juice (66%), Organic Banana Puree (14%), Organic Mango Puree (14%), Organic Reconstituted Kiwi Fruit Juice (5%),  Crushed Kale (0.1%), Crushed Spinach (0.1%), Citric Acid & Vitamin C.

No Added Sugar or Preservatives

No Artificial Colours or Flavours


Wild One

At Wild One Beverages we pride ourselves on producing only the highest quality premium products. Our Australian made boutique beverages incorporate a ‘no added’ philosophy so you can enjoy a healthier, naturally refreshing beverage that tastes great.


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